Friday, November 20, 2009

Shannon & Justin's Nashville Wedding

Sometimes, a bride's day doesn't go perfectly.  That statement shouldn't surprise anyone, because a wedding day often requires the bride to put a lot of faith in other people to do what they are supposed to do. But, you can tell a lot about a person's heart and character by the way they react to the hiccups of the day.  Shannon and I arrived at the church at the same time, and it was immediately clear to me something was wrong. Shannon did not have her make up on, and she looked upset. She went on to explain that her make up person was late. Most brides would probably be flipping out at this point, but not Shannon. She fought back her tears, and constantly asked ME how I was doing.  She was so concerned about everyone but herself. She asked about her groom, how he was doing... her father...bridesmaids...her little sister...always wanting to make sure we were all "okay." The make up person never did show up, but Shannon had a friend with an AMAZING talent with makeup. Shannon looked absolutely stunning.  I never heard her complain once that day, not once. Shannon, you deserve all the happiness in have a heart of gold. Congrats to you and Justin!


  1. What a lovely wedding. Looks like true love to me!

  2. thanks ashlea!!! you are far too gracious to me! we still can't tell you enough how much we loved your photos for us; and trust me, you helped the day go much more smoothly too!